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Better Hearing Care

3375 Burns Road, Suite 106 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (across from the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center)
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Welcome to Better Hearing Care in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida!

We are here to serve you and to provide you with the most up-to-date hearing aid technology available today! Basic digital hearing aids generally require the wearer to make some manual adjustments in certain listening environments such as turning a volume control up or down, or pushing a button to change listening programs. In contrast, a premium or more advanced hearing aid responds automatically to changes in the listener's environment, making changes based on the signals being detected by the hearing aid. The hearing aid wearer is not required to make any manual changes. As the level of the technology increases in hearing aids, so does the availability of advanced features.

Better Hearing Care provides the best in services related to hearing evaluation, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing impairment.

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Better Hearing Care is  very conveniently located in a professional medical office building on Burns Road across the street from the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and we serve mainly Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter and surrounding area. We provide a range of hearing health services including hearing tests, assistive listening devices, the latest in hearing aid technology and accessories including hearing aid batteries, filters and wax guards but perhaps just as important ---- you will not find better service anywhere. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 - 5. Weekend and Evening Appointments are also available. Give us a call to schedule an appointment convenient for you. 


Better Hearing Care

3375 Burns Road, Suite 106
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Across from the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center

Phone: 561-624-7525
Fax: 561-290-1632

Better Hearing Care